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Born and raised in Spain, I've always had a deep passion for the arts. I graduated from Complutense University of Madrid in 2010, specializing in visual arts. 


My journey led me to teaching, where I explored innovative educational methods. In 2013, I co-founded Creativity Art Workshops in London, a program dedicated to unlocking students' creative potential.


Beyond visual arts and education, my musical upbringing paved the way for me to become a composer, singer, vocal arranger, and piano teacher.

With diverse talents and a strong social conscience, I consider myself a modern-day renaissance spirit. I'm patient, responsible, and trustworthy, fostering valuable collaborations with like-minded professionals.


I'm excited to connect with fellow passionate professionals to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of artistic innovation.


Best regards,



Creativity Art Workshops, London — Co-founder & Educational Programme Director


As the co-founder and Educational Programme Director of Creativity Art Workshops, an esteemed educational company specializing in innovative creative methods for children, I have been instrumental in shaping a transformative learning experience. Our workshops aim to ignite the spark of imagination and cultivate artistic expression in young minds. Discover more at:


The Yard, NW London — Piano & Singing Teacher


At The Yard @Gracelands in North West London, I have the pleasure of sharing my passion for music as a dedicated piano and singing teacher. Guiding students on their musical journey, I strive to instill a deep appreciation for the power of music in their lives. Explore further at:


Mini Picassos Art School, NW London — Life Drawing Tutor


As a guest artist and life drawing tutor at Mini Picassos Art School, I have the privilege of nurturing the artistic talents of both children and adults. Together, we explore the human form through the captivating medium of life drawing. Learn more about Mini Picassos at:


Riamba/Lea Soto, London and UK — Professional Singer & Vocal Arranger

MAY 2014 - 2020

In my role as a professional singer and vocal arranger, I have had the honor of lending my soulful voice to Riamba, a Latin-jazz band, as well as the duo Alandi. Performing at renowned venues such as Jazz Cafe, The Barbican, Bolivar Hall, KOKO, and even gracing the stage of Paris Fashion Week, I strive to touch hearts with my music. Discover more at:


Nosoloflamenco Project, London and UK — Professional Singer & Vocal Arranger


I am proud to be the lead singer of the #Notjustflamenco project in collaboration with the talented guitar player David Gonzalez. Our performances across London blend passion, rhythm, and musicality to create an unforgettable experience. Unveil the magic at:


Lea Soto, Worldwide — Composer and vocal arranger


As a singer-songwriter, composer, and vocal arranger, my musical journey knows no boundaries. With heartfelt compositions and soul-stirring melodies, I aim to captivate listeners from around the world. Explore my musical universe at:


LittleBabyBum, London — Nursery Rhyme Studio Singer

APRIL 2019 - JAN 2020

As a session vocalist for the beloved LittleBabyBum nursery rhyme videos, I had the joy of bringing cherished children's songs to life. Additionally, I lent my voice to the Max & Mia promotional video, creating an enchanting experience for young viewers. Delight in the melodies at: [Little Baby Bum Youtube videos]


Bilingual Beats, London — Spanish & Music Teacher

JAN 2014 - MAY 2018

As a music and language teacher, I had the pleasure of nurturing young minds at various nurseries and venues across London. Through the harmonious blend of music and language, I helped foster a love for both artistic expression and cultural diversity. Dive into the bilingual world at:


Cultural Centre Valdemorillo — Madrid, Art Teacher leader

SEP 2008 - JUL 2012

During my tenure as an art teacher for both adults and children at the esteemed Cultural Centre Valdemorillo in Madrid, I had the privilege of sharing my expertise in live drawing and traditional art techniques. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to inspire creativity in students of all ages.


These diverse roles and experiences have shaped me into a multifaceted artist and educator. I am passionate about connecting with fellow professionals who share a common drive for innovation and transformative education.

Feel free to explore my website and connect with me to embark on a collaborative journey of artistic exploration and creative growth.

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